Where The Rock Isn't

Okay, I've had a few guesses for the rock that serves as the destination for the second book in Fallen Earth.

Here's where it isn't.

Stone Mountain, Georgia

Prophecy Rock

Chimney Rock

Georgia Guidestones


Ayers Rock

Zeke's Island (Fort Fisher)

Pilot Mountain

Devil's Tower

Mount Rushmore

Island in the Sky Mesa

Dome of the Rock


Plymouth Rock

The Rock of Gibraltar

Lucifer's Rock

Hellgate Mountain (Part of the Hieroglyphic Mountains)


Tahtzibichen Labyrinth

Dighton Rock

The Wave

Delicate Arch

Melting Shadows (Number 9 on the list)

Hueco Tanks

Enchanted Rock

Los Lunas Decalogue Stone (this rock has several names including Phoenician Rock, Commandment Stone, and Mystery Stone)

The bluffs above the Mississippi where the Piasa Bird reigns

Blowing Rock

Morro Rock

Devils Garden

Newspaper Rock

Looking Glass Falls

A special request for where The Rock isn't (though it looks like a fine home for elves and other such things)
Slemish Mountain

And we have a survivor. Steve Robinson has correctly guessed the name and location of The Rock. Keep sending me your guesses, I'll update the list of where it isn't and maintain a list of people who also got it right. I'll keep a running list on the Survivor's Page.